The balancing act

Ocean rocks balanceMomfulness has been one of my favorite terms since I stumbled upon the delightful book by Denise Roy called “Momfulness,” It is a play on the word “mindfulness” which is a term quite familiar to someone in my line of work. I’m a marriage and family therapist specializing in couples work, trauma and play therapy. One thing we know is that practicing mindfulness, or focused awareness, on a moment to moment basis is good for the brain. It’s now one of the most proven treatments for many mental disorders.

This blog will journal my experience in practicing mindfulness from a Christ-centered perspective. As a mother, I struggle to stay present with my kids. My mind wanders and I often find myself neglecting my kids need for atunement. The other half of this is the constant need to practice healthy self-care. It’s kind of like walking on a tight rope while holding 4 trays of food on a unicycle 40 feet high.

My aims on this journey are three-fold:

  • Mindful Mothering
  • Presence Practice
  • Consistent Self-Care

This “fuller” way of living embraces both the joys and the struggles of life with calmness, compassion and acceptance.


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