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The Question You NOT to Ask Your Child

The question NOT to ask your children. We’re constantly asking our kids what their favorite this or that is. Are there dangers to such a seemingly harmless question?   Dr. Amy Fuller‘s insight: Moving from asking kids what is their favorite _____ to asking when they felt ______. Interesting thought on the development of metacognition […]

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Mom’s love good for child’s brain

Mom’s love good for Children’s Brains School-age children whose mothers nurtured them early in life have brains with a larger hippocampus, a key structure important to learning, memory and response to stress. The new research, by child psychiatrists and neuroscientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, is the first to show that […]

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The balancing act

Momfulness has been one of my favorite terms since I stumbled upon the delightful book by Denise Roy called “Momfulness,” It is a play on the word “mindfulness” which is a term quite familiar to someone in my line of work. I’m a marriage and family therapist specializing in couples work, trauma and play therapy. […]

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